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A few words about hex

Hex Physio employs registered health care professions council (HCPC) chartered physiotherapists.

Owned by Lee Cholmondeley, we provide a personal and practical service that gives value and the outcomes you are looking for.

A selection a Hex Physio services
Lee Cholmondeley

About Lee

A few words about Lee

With over 20 years of experience in sports and health care, working in education, the public sector, professional football and rugby league and heavy industry Lee draws on his experience and qualifications to provide both private and corporate industries with high level assessments, treatments and reports. 



Hex Physio draws on the expertise of several sports therapist, rehab specialists, personal trainers, psychotherapists and other Chartered Physiotherapists across the North of England from Blackpool to Hull. We can provide cover for sporting events, work place assessments, Occupational health clinics and many other services across public and private sectors.

The clinic is based on Burley Street in Elland, we work closely with our neighbours at JC health and fitness, enabling each of our customers to have a comprehensive and easy experience in regards to your complete wellbeing. Lee runs this himself to ensure you have a completely personal experience.

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Clinical Services

full assessment, treatment and a realistic plan to get you moving pain-free again.

Neck & Back Pain
Muscle Strains
Joint Injuries

Sports Massage
Competition Prep
Chronic Pain
Trapped Nerves

Acute Injuries
Ligament Sprains

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(Traditional Physio / Acute Injuries)

Lee runs the clinic in Elland and provides a personal service when things go wrong. His extensive experience in professional sport will help you get back on track. 

Using various rehabilitation techniques such as traditional sports and remedial massage, electrotherapy and taping, functional movement and a fully equipped gym he will take you through an agreed plan to reach your goals. Whether it’s walking up stairs without being in pain, or performing at elite level sports, Lee can get you there.

From just £28 per session. Click here to message us on WhatsApp to book a session today.


(Pain, Long-Term Conditions)

Chronic pain is defined as being present for 3 months or longer, for various reasons. This is a complex situation that often has to be looked at with a wide lens. In the clinic, Lee will take a full account of the history and surrounding factors that contribute to the situation. From this we can take a holistic approach to find an effective plan to reduce pain.
Chartered Physiotherapists work closely with GP’s, consultants and radiologists, helping to find the best solution to your problems.

From just £28 for a consultation. Click here to message us on WhatsApp to ask about an appointment.


(Workplace Assessments/ Employer Support)

Workplace assessments are essential in providing safe environments for employees to work in. When employees feel valued it is shown to improve productivity, reduce absence and presenteeism. Hex has a team of assessors across the region available to attend your workplace for office or shop floor assessments and personal reports to improve the safety and wellbeing of your most valuable assets.

From just £42 for an individual assessment. Click here to message us on WhatsApp to ask for more info.


(Home Visits, Elderly Care, Mobility)

There are endless benefits to being at home instead of in hospital or long term care setting, and Hex is passionate about helping people remain in their own homes for as long as possible. With extensive experience in health and social care Lee and the Team is available to provide home visits, assessment and treatments in your own surroundings, which is shown to improve recovery in many situations. We will also order and supply and additional equipment to take all the pressure from you so you can concentrate on getting better.

From just £42 for an individual assessment. Click here to message us on WhatsApp to ask for more info.

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Some kind words from our amazing clients

I made an appointment to visit Lee due to a re-occurring pain In my knee post-exercise and during the cold weather. I was really impressed with the Covid protection Lee had in place when I arrived and how easily he diagnosed and explained the problem in great detail, Explaining all the technical terms in a language that I could understand. After lee completed a very thorough examination, Lee started treating the muscle that was causing the pain, with both light treatment and massage. The treatment was faultless and we then discuss how to reduce the swelling and exercises to strengthen the muscles. The treatment was well priced and due To my company health package and Lee’s registration with the HCPC I was able to claim or treatment cost back. I’ve had 3 subsequent treatments with Lee and each one remarkably improving and removing the pain that was causing the problem. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who has a nickel ache or pain to Lee for outstanding treatment.


Lee was amazing with my 8 year old son, who sprained his ankle and got ligament damage. I would highly recommend Lee and Hex Physio.

Janette Hannah

Been to see Lee a number of times now. He has helped me to recover from fatigue and towards planning for the season. His advice and guidance is second to none and perfectly placed just under the gym.

Best thing of all is he was able to accommodate my time as I was picking my child up fron school.

Arran Williams

I can highly recommend Lee, he is very knowledgeable and gave great advice and after care exercises to help aid my recovery!
I won’t say that it didn’t hurt but the relief after treatment has been incredible!
Looking forward to more treatments!
Thanks Lee
Sarah Rushforth